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At Leafy Greens we support, sustainable organic agriculture and responsible business practices. This reflects our deep respect and love for the planet and for those around us. We use organic ingredients wherever possible, and guarantee that our products are free from refined sugars, 100% dairy-free, free from any added preservatives, are mostly gluten-free, no additives and no animal products whatsoever!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The winner of the #pomegranate recipe competition sponsored by @helloganico & @antoniadeluca is..... None other than..... @scottydabomb !!! Congratulations- we would love you to come in tomorrow to collect your hamper... Please contact us to make the arrangements. I hope we are going to get to taste that delicious pomegranate bark....

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Are you ready? We are about to announce our winner of the #pomegranate competition...Huge thanks to everyone that participated - we loved reading your recipes...

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OPEN TOMORROW!!!!! Breakfast & lunch.... Book your table to avoid disappointment #eatwelldogood #antoniasfoodblog #publicholiday #freedomday @antoniadeluca

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ReWild yourself – Daniel Vitalis 

Today we live in a well-ordered society, where most people are civilised – most of the time. Most of us are fortunate that we can relieve any passing hunger pangs with a trip to the fridge or the supermarket.

But of course it hasn’t always been like that. Not so very long ago, humans lived a very different life as hunter-gatherers, long before they had access to processed foods, or anything even close to GMO. 

Their diets contained only what they could find in nature. 

In the last few thousand years our lifestyles and diets have changed out of all recognition. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that our bodies and metabolisms haven’t had a chance to catch up. Evolution, after all, is a much more gradual process. Whales, for example, still have the bones of legs they haven’t used in millions of years, and the human appendix is a ‘relic’ from the days when our diet included a lot more vegetation and roughage. 

Nutritionists and thought leaders are beginning to study the effects that our modern, or ‘civilised’ diet is having on our bodies, and comparing this to what are known as ‘paleo’ or ‘cavemen’ diets. It’s not hard to imagine how our cave-dwelling ancestors may have been healthier than us – they would have been much more active, for one thing, and they would never have encountered GMOs, gluten, refined sugar, caffeine or food preservatives. The only ways they had to preserve food were by either cooking it, fermenting it or trying to keep it cold in the ground or in a cave.

Our ancestors would have risen and gone to bed with the sun, and never experienced jet lag or work deadline stress. True, they may have had to deal with sabre-toothed tigers, but they had the skills and resources to defend themselves.

Many people today live a fast-food, bright lights life that means that they are completely detached from the rhythm of the sun, and of the seasons. In consequence we are seeing far more health issues caused by fatigue, stress and poor diet. 

We’ve grown used to thinking of ‘civilised’ as being a good thing, and in many ways it is – but perhaps not when it comes to our health.

Another of Antonia’s lifestyle and nutrition inspirations is Daniel Vitalis, who writes superbly on the idea of ‘re-wilding’ ourselves – getting back in touch with nature and natural wild foods, rewinding ‘progress’ and rediscovering ourselves as natural beings. 

Here at Leafy Greens we are blessed that we can spend time on our farm, feeling and tasting the changing seasons, but we realise that not everyone can. 

You can, however, learn much more about being ‘less civilised’ – but more alive – from Daniel’s riveting articles: http://www.danielvitalis.com/rewild-yourself-magazine as he explores strategies for genetically ancient humans (that’s me and you) to thrive in a modern world, awakening our instincts and freeing our bodies, and minds, from the degenerative effects of domestication. #antoniasfoodblog #eatwelldogood @antoniadeluca #rewildyourself #antonias #backtobasics

Monday, April 25, 2016

We love sprouting....#eatwelldogood #sprouting #antoniasfoodblog #interestingfacts @antoniadeluca

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#Repost @synerchi_organics with @repostapp. We love these products and sell them in our store too. Enter here and stand a chance to win! ・・・ Competition time! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ✌🏼️☀️ This is your chance to WIN 1 of 2 starter packs assisting in increasing your health, wellness & vitality! Here's how to WIN: 1- Simply follow @synerchi_organics on Instagram & like Syner'Chi on Facebook! 2- Like & share this post. 3- Tag @synerchi_organics & #synerchi_organics Winner will be announced 15 May 2016. It's that simple πŸ˜πŸ’™ T's & C's apply. INTELLIGENT NUTRITION ™ http://ift.tt/1J5Ipy1 Email: info@synerchiorganics.co.za #SynerChi #synerchi_organics #health #wellness #compeition #fun #natural #organic #vegan #lifestyle #win #just #be #1 #lean #muscle #lean #weightloss #love #giveaway #free

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My chili growing tip
by Antonia Alexandra De Luca near http://ift.tt/1XdcfFg

April 26, 2016 at 07:35AM
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Do you know what benefits the different fruits & veg offer? Follow the next few days to find out...#eatwelldogood #foodeducation #interestingfacts @antoniadeluca

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Delivered a nice batch of #coldpressedjuice today to our friend and customer @nicki_bentley thanks for loving our #greenjuice πŸ’š enjoy the juices! #antonias #antoniasfoodblog #eatwelldogood #healthylife #eatclean

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Friday, April 22, 2016

We are soon to announce the winner of the Leafy Greens @helloganico hamper..... The hamper just needs to be completed with the fresh goodies - do you think you were the winner #pomegranates #behealthy #competition #antoniasfoodblog #eatwelldogood @antoniadeluca

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Our athlete @sabrina_daolio got her awesome kit today with @leafygreenscafe branding on it. So cool. We hope you do really well! #fueledbyleafygreens #antonias #eatclean #eatwelldogood #moveyourbody #traineveryday #healthylife

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We are so proud and happy for our friend Garth. We visited him today at his new restaurant #BidonBistro in the Cradle. Antonia helped Garth with some business consulting and layout etc. we also look forward to Garth selling our #Antonias cold-pressed juices on his menu for all the health conscious #cyclists in the area. Watch this space! #thecradle #coldpressedjuice #newrestaurant

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Antonia making a recipe in her kitchen for @peoplesweather DSTV channel 180. Look out for her insert on this Asian Cabbage Salad with organic ingredients from her garden #Antonias #antoniasfoodblog #eathealthy #healthylife #healthylunch #organicfood #healthsalads #cabbagesalad #tvshow

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My eggplant and pomegranate salad recipe
by Antonia Alexandra De Luca near http://ift.tt/1XdcfFg

April 22, 2016 at 03:05PM
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Calorie free delicious drink #buchu @antoniadeluca

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The most delicious lunch buffet ever! #eatwelldogood #earthday2016 #beetroot #aubergine #leek @antoniadeluca

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

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#Repost @davidavocadowolfe with @repostapp. ・・・ 🍈🍈 My friends from #SouthAfrica (@antoniadeluca et al) brought me a pair of #BaobabFruits during our time in #Peru. 🍈🍈 When you crack open the #BaobabFruit it contains seeds surrounded by a white #TangyPowder. 🍈🍈 This #FruitPowder contains approximately twice the #VitaminC as an orange as well as #GoodCalcium, #Magnesium, #Iron, and #Potassium. 🍈🍈 #BaobabPowder is a great #Thickener for drinks, #smoothies, #beverages, #icecreams and #elixirs. 🍈🍈 #BaobabTrees are extremely #longlived and this benefit should hopefully be imparted by eating the fruit. #BaobabTrees are known to live more than a #ThousandYears.
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April 22, 2016 at 06:59AM
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Tomorrow is #earthday2016 - honor our Earth by joining us at Leafy Greens - we will honor your commitment to the Earth by giving you home grown home made organic soup. What better way to celebrate #eatwelldogood @antoniadeluca

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Juice cleanse promotion

Maybe you’ve spent time recently decluttering your life – tackling a cupboard stuffed full of toys your kids have long outgrown, or finally putting that surfboard in the garage on OLX or Gumtree… 

Or perhaps you’ve been paring down your social media contacts, discreetly deleting friends who never reply, or the people who only ever seem to have negative energy to share. 

All of these are, in a way, detoxing – cleansing your space, your life, and your emotions of negative influences that would otherwise detract from your sense of wellbeing. Decluttering is all the rage at the moment, but in this rush towards minimalism it seems that people often overlook the single most important place where toxins and negative energy can accumulate – in our bodies, and specifically in our digestive systems. 

Did you know that the average middle-aged meat-eater can have 1 – 2 kilos of undigested meat lodged in their colon? That’s a terrifying thought and enough to make us reach for a juice immediately. Even for those of us who really try and stick to a much healthier way of life, it can be almost impossible to avoid toxins entering our systems. 

And it shows – in our hair, skin, eyes, and in our energy levels. Fortunately, there is an answer: 

Antonia’s Juice Cleanse. If you’re scared this is going to be just another version of the cabbage soup diet, fear not – this is a delicious, colourful and nutritious way to cleanse your system and purge yourself of all the bad stuff. 

It’s a bit like doing a factory reset on a smartphone – getting you back to a pure, cleansed state, for much better performance in every area of your life. 

So if you want to sleep better, feel invigorated, and put some real vitality into your hair and skin, a juice cleanse could be just what you need. Antonia has devised juice cleanse programmes that last from one to seven days, depending on your needs. For each day of your cleanse, you will receive five handmade juices, created using only the freshest organic fruit and vegetables. 

Each of the five daily juices has a specific purpose, with ingredients specially selected to renew, build, refresh, boost and burn. Just the sound of these words is intensely satisfying, and believe me, the tastes are too!  

Antonia has also created a range of tonics and nut milks that perfectly complement the juice cleanse so if you are ready to meet the new you, and feel lighter on your feet in every way, learn more or place an order by clicking here.  #antoniasfoodblog #eatwelldogood @antoniadeluca #juicecleanse #antonias

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Check out our blog: lgcafe.blogspot.co.za for more on how to REWILD YOURSELF and live more naturally #backtobasics #Eatclean #antoniasfoodblog #leafygreens
by Antonia Alexandra De Luca near http://ift.tt/1XdcfFg

April 21, 2016 at 11:13AM
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Check out our blog: lgcafe.blogspot.co.za for more on how to REWILD YOURSELF and live more naturally #backtobasics #Eatclean #antoniasfoodblog #leafygreens

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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A heartwarming chickpea curry - comfort food at its best. We offer this dish as a catering menu item... Place your order with: mytable@leafygreens.co.za - advise how many people you need to cater for and we will do the rest.....#comfortfood #earthtotable #curry #organicgarden @antoniadeluca #antoniasfoodblog

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A simple smoothie often makes a beautiful dinner if you are cooking for one ☺️ this smoothie contains the following: 1 serving of #Wazoogles berry, 1 T of #Antonias macadamia butter, 1/2 C mixed frozen berries, 1 C water, 1 T hemp seeds, 1/2 t vanilla powder, 4 blocks ice. Blend in a #Nutribullet until smooth. Makes 2 servings. #eatwelldogood #eathealthy #healthylife #eatclean #smoothiedinner #superfoods #antoniasfoodblog
by Antonia Alexandra De Luca near http://ift.tt/1XdcfFg

April 19, 2016 at 08:22PM
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A simple smoothie often makes a beautiful dinner if you are cooking for one this smoothie contains the following: 1 serving of #Wazoogles berry 1 T of #Antonias macadamia butter 1/2 C mixed frozen berries 1 C water 1 T hemp seeds 1/2 t vanilla powder 4 blocks ice. Blend in a #Nutribullet until smooth. Makes 2 servings. #eatwelldogood #eathealthy #healthylife #eatclean #smoothiedinner #superfoods #antoniasfoodblog

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Does anyone know what this plant is? #plantidentification

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For sale: used but in excellent condition Nutribullet - contact Antonia@leafygreens.co.za @antoniadeluca

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Need some inspiration- kids too demanding so breakfast becomes a chore?? Get to Antonia's talk on Sunday to get #freshideas #superfoods and #inspiration @antoniadeluca

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Book your space - free talk by @antoniadeluca on Sunday #antoniasfoodblog #breakfast #superfoods #freetalk

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